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Please stop me if I am reaching here, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say—nay, confess—that I buy books and then never read them. This is not like buying a pretty top or downloading a new song; it’s a way to harness beautiful words while simultaneously looking like an erudite individual without any follow-through. The amount of collected dust on my shelves indicates two things: 1) Dusting is for chumps, but more importantly 2) I’m a total hack. If you are anything like me, you feel incredibly guilty and are desirous of the written word. You covet and crave but then become consumed by the glare of the computer screen or some other “task.” But I have attempted to provide myself a solution, and hopefully you will follow suit. Shelf Life showcases one book that I will pull from my shelf, brush off, inhale deeply…I may be one of those types that smells books…and start reading. I chose at random, starting with one of Charlotte Brontë’s—Currer Bell to fellow bibliophiles—later works, Villete. I haven’t read her work since high school, so I am curious to see what I feel after spending a decade+ expanding outside of 19th-century European literature (my weakness, if you were curious). I have given myself a deadline of sorts; I’d like to finish a book every two weeks, but I am trying to be realistic. Just know that I will follow up with a review of each book, and I urge you to go on this journey with me and share what you are reading. Enjoy. 


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