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Screen_shot_2013-07-04_at_11.12.32_AMPhoto Courtesy of Jenny Hollowell

Occasionally, there will be a post that covers a variety of things that I love. And this Tuesday, which is my favorite day of the week, just so happens to be that kind of post. Not long ago, I was listening to a program through Stitcher, an app. that lovingly collects all of the radio shows and podcasts that bring me peace. Specifically, I was listening to Radiolab, and if you haven’t listened to Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad‘s show of compelling stories interlaced with discordant, ambiguous sounds, then you are truly missing out.

The show: “The Trouble with Everything” concerns the question over whether we can ever understand everything in existence from the very beginning until now. I was more than satisfied with this weekly topic, but I was pleasantly surprised by the first part of the show. Author Jenny Hollowell read her short story, “A History of Everything, Including You” and within a few minutes my mind was swept over with an abridged version of not only mankind’s existence, but specifically, Ms. Hollowell’s existence alongside her partner’s. It is such a crushing and significant retelling of what history books and the Bible have told us, with Ms. Hollowell’s personality and emotions pouring out with each breath. Immediately after hearing it, I looked up other work she has done, and placed her novel Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe on hold at the library. I was not cursed with my current inability to finish a book, because I was so captivated by every page—and Ms. Hollowell’s unfailing ability to list crushing, succinct verbs separated by commas—and I wholeheartedly suggest you pick up a copy immediately. I also hope you will read my upcoming interview with Ms. Hollowell, which will be featured in my new column “What Are You Writing?” on the Equals Record.


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