Words | Great Loves

covercollagePhoto Courtesy of Penguin 

It’s official: I’m a sucker for a good book cover. If you read the post from last week, you’d know books that double as works of art make me swoon. And the hopeless romantic side of me that I have been actively trying to extricate from my heart since birth absolutely loves a good love story. So when Penguin, the connoisseurs of great design, released a collection of 20 love stories under the moniker Great Loves I was well, fawning over them. So far, I’ve only procured Thomas Hardy’s “A Mere Interlude”, but I hope I will acquire the others while simultaneously falling in love in real life…such a hopeful, silly young thing I am. In the meantime, I will be content knowing that my feelings concerning a nice cover are validated, and from the BBC no less.  The station recently covered (pun!) books in a four-part series, “The Beauty of Books.”


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