Wear | Keeping It Casual

tumblr_mhpyaf277w1qzu15ho1_1280Photo Courtesy of Collin Hughes

“Dress.” It’s a word I use as much as “flowers,” “cats,” and “pizza.” I love celebrating being a girl with all the pomp and circumstance that dressing up provides. But I have a shocking and terrible admission…I love the t-shirt and jeans look. I think there is something so subtly sexy about a good pair of jeans and a simple top. Kate Arends of Wit & Delight, while having amazing taste in ev.er.y.thing, also knows how to stand out by reeling it in. And I should know, I own the top she is wearing above. Out of all the frills, lace, and “flouncy” skirts that take up an entire closet in my room, that top is spectacular and one of my absolute favorites. But, it also looks good with a skirt, if you’re feeling especially frisky. 


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