Words | Loss

adef4f12e2e0aa4c27984dd4ec4d2043Photo Courtesy of hisaya katagami

When you misplace something, or altogether upset any memory of where something is, there is still always that chance it will be found. Once, I found my car keys in my freezer, and not surprisingly there was no rhyme or reason for it, but there they were just waiting to be discovered. In this sense, losing something meant there was time to retrieve it; there was another chance for its existence. It still had a place here. 

Toward the end of this past weekend, I learned that someone I knew passed away unexpectedly. No, I did not know her very well, but I knew her kindness. When I found out, I was at a loss for words. I suppose this is a side effect of shock that for me slowly turned to sadness…sadness over what I knew of her and how the news must have shook the joy right out of all those who love her. She was something you lose that you’ll never find again…and now it’s as if that part of the world is gone. Perhaps this is when loss shouldn’t be taken for granted, because eventually no matter how hard you try, it’s just gone. And all I want is to hold on to what I have, hoping that my grasp will keep all of this near and safe until it’s not. 



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