Words | The Love Letters Project

photo_1_4d48ebbe265a8b46b0709826867eb87fPhoto Courtesy of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

At this point I would hope that it is a well-known fact that I love letters. I love writing them, receiving them, reading words from one stranger to another. A second and equally great love of mine: this town that I’ve known for 29 years. Since I’ve moved home, I have spoken, written, and thought about my love for Cincinnati, and it would appear that others have taken notice. This has inspired me to craft more written adoration, in the form of some good old-fashioned correspondence.  Enter The Love Letters Project. It would be quite the honor to place this Porkopolis alongside other loved locations, and if you’re wondering how I’d start the letter, here’s a preview:

Dear Cincinnati, 

Thank you for not being in Kentucky. 


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