for those who love—unabashedly–that which inspires, evokes and perpetuates beauty.

The Terrace at Méric (Oleander) |  Frédéric Bazille

Thank you for stopping by. Stay a while. 

My name is Samantha–a lover of all things lovely–and this is my way of sharing with you everything I have stumbled upon. From flipping through pages to hearing recommendations from fellow excitable observers, this is a place to catalog what I covet. 

Monday | Snap | Where you will find photos, which permanently capture fleeting moments

Tuesday | Words | Where you will find articles, books, quotes, (my own writing. eep!) and letters that provide respite from the clamor that surrounds you

Wednesday | Wear | Where you will find that which satisfies your sartorial sensibilities  

Thursday | Gather | Where you will find recipes and tales of  those who cherish time around the table

Friday | Reel | Where you will find films of notable mention &

Sounds | Where you will find music, both new and old, and meant to move you

Saturday | Things | Where you will find absolutely nothing that you need

Sunday | Wander | Where you will find the places where you may be, have been and dream to see

Please explore or discard whatever is meaningful to you. If you would like to offer suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me. My hope is to collect and bestow upon you everything that is beautiful, in this world we all share. 

I look forward to connecting with you. Enjoy. 

Always, Samantha


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